martial arts training in london

WHAT IS martial arts training?

Muay Thai or Boxing is a vigorous workout and is often used as an alternative to the more traditional of a cardio exercises such as running or rowing. With the use of techniques from these martial arts during training, you will learn how to use the techniques used in striking sports.


Martial arts training is suitable for women and men of any age, beginners and advanced in sports, provided you have no health condition or injuries or other contra indication. During a Muay Thai or Boxing workout, we use all the muscles of the body and therefore this type of exercise is great for improving physical fitness, losing weight, relieving stress and improving mood.


Also, Martial arts also help improve coordination of movements, endurance and increase self-confidence.


Muay Thai is suitable for those who want to have a larger arsenal of self-defence techniques, as we use punches, kicks, elbows and knees while in Boxing we only use punches.

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